Porsche 911
Our testers get through more tyres than choccy Digestives these days

Matt Prior: Fast & Furious is good, tyre-shredding fun - if you've got the rubber to spare

Latest FF film shoots for thrills and succeeds, but real life heavy driving takes a toll

by Matt Prior
20 December 2019
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Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi ended F1 year but not Ferrari-Hamilton rumours

Opinion: Motorsport is on the brink of extinction - will it fall?

Automotive racing is at a crosswords, and while it's responding to a changing world, this may not be enough

by Damien Smith
19 December 2019
Bowler Defender Challenge
We've driven the Bowler Defender Challenge in all sorts of muck

Opinion: Bowler must keep its independent spirit

Jaguar Land Rover's purchase of the extreme 4x4 firm is a natural step

by Matt Prior
18 December 2019
Diesel engine
Diesel engines may have fallen out of favour recently but they will always be more frugal than petrol engines

Under the skin: Why diesel engines will always be more efficient than petrol

Though both fuels come from crude oil, diesel engines' compression ignition and no throttle gives them the edge

by Jesse Crosse
17 December 2019
The shape of things to come... until our back pains go away

Matt Prior: The SUV is no fad... just so long as we don't fix our backs

With their smooth rides and higher seating positions, SUVs' ease of use means they're going to be around for a while

by Matt Prior
13 December 2019
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Sainz and Norris
Superstar-in-waiting Lando Norris, alongside teammate Carlos Sainz

Don't let Lando Norris's cheery exterior fool you...

... the young racer is a steely competitor as any, boding good things for British Formula 1

by Tony Dodgins
13 December 2019
Ogier won three rounds of the WRC in the C3 this season

Ogier-Citroen split suggests big drama for next season

With Ogier leaving Citro?n and the French manufacturer leaving the WRC shortly after him, we look forward to an intriguing 2020

by Autocar
12 December 2019
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T50 render
How Gordan Murray's T50 could look, according to Autocar

The T50 is special; it needs special owners, too

McLaren F1-inspired hypercar offers a radically different experience from mainstream rivals. Owners must understand its unique charms

by Steve Cropley
10 December 2019
New cars
Verstappen and Leclerc: the biggest threats to Hamilton

F1's young guns have Hamilton in their crosshairs

Which of the generation Z talents will make Hamilton generation ex?

by Tony Dodgins
10 December 2019
Land Rover red
Baby Land Rover will look ‘smoother’ than the DC100 concepts

Land Rover's new models were inevitable

CO2 limits and demand for affordable SUVs make baby Land Rover a no-brainer, while the EV Defender Sport has flagship potential

by Hilton Holloway
9 December 2019
New cars
Faraday Future FF 91 E interior
If you're watching the screens, who's doing the driving?

Matt Prior: The connectivity trend is a car with no wheels

Faraday Future is the latest firm to push the car as a digital playground, but we've got all the tech we need on our phones

by Matt Prior
6 December 2019
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Jose Carlos Pace
1975 Brazilian GP: Pace's Brabham won from sixth on the grid

Brabham is back and may be heading for Le Mans

Revived after a period of dormancy, the British marque could tussle with an equally regenerated Peugeot at Le Mans 2022

by Simon Arron
6 December 2019


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